Tuesday, January 26, 2010

monday on tuesday!

i had a great time sitting down today to write. i love how i have an idea as i start to write and as i continue writing, the next words come....and then i'm sure where i'm going with my story....maybe you're not too sure...but i have an idea of what i want to write. i love how that happens!

this, however moved monday into tuesday as i went with my camera to take real pics of photo albums from yesteryear to coordinate with my words....now that's where i found myself going beyond a few photos....i stopped to enjoy them....then, i uploaded them and placed them with my story...i like them to be properly situated....and that's how monday turned into tuesday.....even with the mamas and the papas song, i have managed to lose a day on the day that i specifically called monday. and now monday is on tuesday! did you understand that? i'm not sure that i did. but since i'm me and i always have been me, i'm used to this!

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