Saturday, January 16, 2010

more than most!

last night, we all went to see a friends production of a broadway review. nan is my incredible friend....a smart, funny, loud, gentle, sweet, kind and loving and sincere friend......with more energy and more creativity and more talents than most people have been blessed with.

nan has been a friend since college.....we share our friends.......a group as close as sisters....a group with many talents and gifts.  at a small womens college, it was inevitable for us to cross paths.....and who knew the long and winding path we would travel as friends for almost over 25 years.....  yikes!

our friendship really began when we worked on talent shows together.  not just a small time talent show, but true productions, spoofs of our college living, that weon first place.  the audience was comprised of parents, faculty members and friends.

women with voices and opinions stood out. many of us, born leaders, in one way or another, mixed together, creating a force that won talent shows and forged deep and lasting friendships with us and all of our families too. 

i've been to see her productions with yellow brick roads and gingham clad singers and beauty school dropouts with greasy boyfriends. writing, directing, choreographing, producing, singing, dancing, flying, rocking and rolling are as much a part of her life as brushing teeth are to most.

after college, nan began a career as a stockbroker, a top saleswoman in her office, while being an involved and committed town council woman and in her spare time, she was the general contractor for her own house.  she played the organ at church on sundays and sings......and plays the piano. i kid you not!

nan married a great guy, who loves and supports every step she takes. before they had children of their own, she began a childrens theatre group.....another successful venture.  2 great kids and the talent gene pool carries on. her children have been a part of her productions every step of the way. nan became a teacher at her alma maters. not only a great teacher, she is loved by her students and graduates....she developed an extracurricular theatre program that is a money maker for her school.

kids come back from college to be a part of her latest venture, putting on shows at a local, acclaimed playhouse.  she has a following. this is a woman with gifts of all kinds.

she's kind she's loving and sincere....and hysterical.  we shares the love of family, the love of friends and the love of the beach and birthdays, the love of our children, the love of music, the love of God (although, i can't play the organ and after 10 years of piano lessons, i can play a few christmas songs, chop stix and heart and soul"), we share each others' joys and sorrows.  we certainly have a long history together.  we shared in some of the greatest college capers ever.  as good friends, we ran against each other for class president senior year in college.....she won and she made the best class president ever!

one of the first times we met, it was because she was booming "she's a brick house" through the dorm.  the beat was barreling down corridors and rattling our windows two floors below.  little did i know, that that booming was as big as her heart.   i never would have believed it at that time.

thank goodness i didn't let that brick house get in the way of our friendship because travelling down the yellow brick road with nan has been a blast.

of all of her talents, the gift of friendship has been the most bountiful! 

so what we learned in our fine womens college is true, girls can do anything! some can just do more than most.

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