Friday, January 15, 2010


too tired to write much tonight.  early this morning i wrote a very heartfelt post on the video i posted.  i am grateful.  that post made me tear up.  life is flying by.
i recognize the simple things but i am relieved that i can be honest about the times that our teens make us crazy.....i know we make them crazy, because they tell me...all of the time. 

they make me laugh.  grace has certain things about me that make her crazy.  t.j. has a list of other reasons that i make him crazy.  the first one on t.j.'s list is my blog.  he just can't believe that i write something that no one cares about and that i write things that no one will read.

tomorrow, i would like to list my imperfections as they seem to be aware of a bountiful bunch!  i would like to write  a list of my own  as will be fun to compare.  i probably won't share the lists with them since i really don't need to give them more to think about.  by the way, i do understand that this is there way....teens have to see the differences and make their break......if they're lucky they'll carch on to a few of our parental peccadillos.....we are chock full.  we just feel that they make us each other....the rest of the world may not be able to handle our flaws but that's o.k.
it's our children that we worry about.....not that they can't handle our drawbacks, just that we pray that they will be able to break the chain.....the chain that we have created.....unknowingly.

i'll be dreaming about the lists.  i do work while i sleep.....and don't forget i did sleep through labor with our second baby t.j.! 

on that note, i'm very tired after a nice night at an old friends "broadway medley" that she produced...that's another story.....a great friend since college....that can juggle 17 balls in the air at once...all sizes, shapes and colors......and she makes us laugh and she's like a sister.  more about nan next time....after the lists....

good night......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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