Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a rainbow.

and vacation continues.  we've had snow, snow and more snow.  i still  like it....especially since i'm outside walking the's so beautiful to walk through the woods...sometimes when it's snowing, i love taking them in the woods....even at night.  it's like a white winter wonderland.  the sky is clear after the snow...the trees are covered with white and everywhere i look is blanketed with snow.

our vacation has been very low key with grace starting out the week at the doctor......a cold like t.j. had last week...and then i got's circling through the family like a horse on a carousel.  with grace, i was concerned that there was some form of mono kicking in...and wanted to check her out early...swollen glands, sore throat....exhausted.   biff took her to the doctor and thankfully, it's just a viral thing and just like t.j. and i, it will pass.

although, it's really not that great because our good friends were planning on coming to visit for a few go skiing here in connecticut....not quite a vermont resort, but we were all happy to get together and ski....and just have some fun.

you know what comes next....after agonizing discussions we realize that no one here has totally gotten over this coughing, sneezing, wheezing we just don't want kyle and karen getting sick.  it's the gift that keeps on giving...the human cold.  this time around, it has knocked us down....sleeping, stuffy..the works!

it's just seems that this year we are meant to just lay low and recharge our batteries. it's like we are stuck in neutral....even when we make the plans.

we're still hoping to get in some skiing somehow during this break.  who knows when.  but we're giving it  our best.  we're gonna have some fun darn it!  by the time vacation comes around, we need some fun!

we need some family fun.  the homework drain and the routine of wake up, rush, bus, school, home, dinner, shower, bed.....some sleep and start over is more draining now that we have teenagers.  as much as they have always loved school, the enthusiasm has waned...except for the social life.

sometimes, mom's just wanna have fun too.  every now and then i feel like it's time for me to just have some fun with our kids.....i like it all of the time but they don't appreciate it like they used to....apparently, a little of me goes a long way!

who ever would have thought that would happen....back in the days that little people would come talk to me in the shower, in the bathroom, follow me  to the mailbox, chase after the car to come to the grocery store, kiss me goodnight with a hug around the neck that wouldn't end.....after book after book after book.  iwas on to them when they picked the longest book for the "last one".....

and one wants to go anywhere with's not that they don't like me....or maybe it is...since now there are moments when they hate's just that they have stuff of their own they want to do.

i guess it starts out slowly.  they go to play with other kids...then they go for sleep overs....they spend the day with a friend and their family....they stay after school for sports, they push away a little more and a little's all kind of gradual.....until at night, when we say good night and we hear mumbles in return....believe me, no one's hugging me arround the neck giving kisses like they used to.

at least biff still has kisses and hugs and smiles and he still thinks i'm fun....i feel the same about him.  it's a good thing because some days, we're all we've got! 

and just when we think our kids need seems that they need us.  i still remember someone telling us that just when it seems that one kid is being a pain in the neck, that's the time to give them even more loving attention!

this mom stuff is like walking a tight rope...everyday.  it's like a rainy day and before i know it, the sun comes out.....followed by a rainbow.  it's funny and it's hard to walk that fine line and learn to appreciate the sunshine and know the bonus of a rainbow.

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