Friday, February 19, 2010

that's life.

it has been a week filled with kleenex tissues.  i feel like i need those kleenex for cry!  a whole vacation at home....with colds and sneezing and seems neverending.  especially, when i look forward to our kids' vacation too!

i like to see the sunshine on a cloudy day but this is ridiculous! i've already said that i'm grateful....that this is only over some viral colds, the doctor told us.  i'm also the mom who wants to go with the flow....

i was talking to a friend this morning....explaining the week of laying low and canceling plans and missing out on friends and family possibilities and plans.....excuse me....i just sneezed!  although, i'm glad for us to have this vacation to recharge our batteries.....i feel like we couldn't have had more battery charging than ever this school year...mono., swine, cold, swollen glands, sore throats, coughing, sneezing....i think it may be recirculating through the house.

as my friend and i talked, i realized i waas holding one of my "quotable mugs" filled with coffee.....and what do you think it said?......

"whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should..."
max ehrmann

o.k. i get it.  accept life.  accept life right now as it is.  accept. kleenex.  accept sleeping teens.....let sleeping teens lie....not lie like liars, i don't accept that....just accept that they must need their sleep....they must need this time....time to veg....time to chill, oh yeah, they have chills....time to just hang out....time to hang around.....time, time, time.

we're not getting much done around here.  it's not like anyone has enough energy to get anything else done.  i'm kind of tired of that too.  you'd think our house would be sparkling'd think i'd have so much done that i'd be grateful for this opportunity!

nope.  i have tried to accomplish has been like fighting the flow....i just can't keep up with the tissues.  i just can't keep up with the dishes that pile up with everyone hanging around....even though everyone has taken to using plastic cups....i just can't keep up.

i go out to walk the dogs...i go out to the store....i go out for an occasional coffee....

go figure.  i even feel like my blog is!  you must be bored to tears because i am!

my big event today is taking a shower, taking the dogs to the beach with a friend and her dog, stopping for a cup of tea!

tonight, we're invited to a fun chili party....and i'm still not sure that we can go!

we planned to ski today....but, here i am writing my blog that's boring you and me!

i'm still hoping we'll get out to this party....with the kids who are invited with sleds and snow fun with tons of other kids and fun parents.....and chili!

nobody has had energy this week for anything.  i'm not so sure that i'm playing my best game either.  is that because of the cold or because of being exhausted from everyone having colds....or is it the energy in our house that i'm picking up..........................low!  using that exclamation point was an effort.

i think this week, i've had very little reason for the exclamation point that i tend to use so my speech and in my writing.  i feel like i'm no representative for the exclamation point. there has been no need for exclamation points this week.  it's a stretch.  i'm using them only because i'm trying to stay up beat!  TRYING!

aren't you tired of me being tired and every story having to do with tissues? me too.

"whether or not it is clear to you, the universe is unfolding exactly as it should..." who knew how deep my mug would the mug half empty?  is the mug half full?  the mug is deep.  that's life.


Sarah said...


One of my spitfire yahoos had to come home not once but TWICE this week with a fever. And that was after I kept him home one day in between.


Not us moms, I know that!

littlemarymixup said...

sarah...thanks for your empathy...and yet i'm so grateful! thanks for following! that attitude of gratitude is tricky between sneezes!