Tuesday, February 16, 2010

scrapbooks and day dreams!

more snow! more snow! more snow! on this snowy day, i've been going through some old papers and journals...i'm hoping to clear out some more...more of the stuff!

i just found a scrapbook i had for dreams and color ideas and just things i liked along the way.  i've taken some pics of my scrapbook....they were torn out from random magazines or catalogues...from maybe 10 years ago....so i'm not able to give credit.

grace came by to look over the dreams that i had....amazing to see how much that dream/idea/likes and colors came to be a reality in my life!  i think this is amazing...it makes me think that the subconcious mind got the message!

here we go down daydream lane....this is dedicated to sister cecilia marie, my third grade teacher, who told my mom in a teacher conference that i daydreamed!  some of those dreams came true!

i know what i believe about writing things down and imagining and dreaming what you want....i had a list of the qualities that i wanted in a great guy....it happened. we had a list of all of what we wanted in a home....and we have all of that in our home. and just like my scrapbook, those lists were tucked away and forgotten about.....until after some of these dreams came true ..in one way or another.  
look at this picture...it's amazing to see this from a magazine and see our pics in our family room, below!
o.k....some of my pictures are crooked!

this is a nantucket basket
 doorstop...i love nantucket baskets.  my first trip to nantucket, i was 7...that was where my love for the island began...i don't have the doorstop, i have other nantucket baskets though.  i still dream of the day that i'l get the nantucket basket brass door knocker.  it's a dream...so who knows?
a needlepoint pillow that i love...i have lots of pretty needlepoint pics...i'll try to take some pics.

below are some of the rugs that i had in my scrapbook of dreams...some of our rugs have been similar!

above are some of the rugs that i had in my scrapbook of dreams...some of our rugs have been similar!

we have an antique "breadbox" that was in the bedroom that biff  shared with his fun twin brother growing up in their house from @1775.
i always love blue and white....i have quite a collection of blue and white dishes....we used to have ours up on the kitchen wall....i loved that.  then we changed to the print of rockefeller center at christmas by leroy neiman. we love it because that's where biff proposed on 12-30-93!
it's a great print that took a long time to track down.  my mom first saw it in a saks fifth avenue catalogue.
she had her friend at saks check all of the stores to find it....never found it.  a few years later, i tried on the internet and found it.  now, it's on the kitchen wall....it makes me happy everyday!  the colors are beautiful.
 more blue and white.  we have these cabinets in our kitchen...and we have the white beadboard!
 i always love dishes.  i'm not sure if it's hereditary...but i'm sure i got the gene!  thanks mom!

more pretty glass cabinets!  i love our glass cabinets and lots of white in our kitchen...right now, we have black tile marble? countertops...our cabinets are still the original 1976 cabinets.  they were "pub brown"when we moved in and biff and i painted them.  we did our best, but we're not pros!

 more glass cabinets and drawer pulls like ours..ours are silver tone....and love that blue paint.  our blue is more of that laura ashley sapphire!

this was our pub brown color although its ripped out from a magazine as the before pic....dark! blah for me.

back to the same blue we have!

clean and crisp...love the wood floors!  we have white tile...great for a home with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 fish (the fish don't track in too much dirt, just a splash or two.)  i'm forever trying to clean the grout between the tile...chlorox seems to be the only thing that cleans our floors...not so eco friendly, but it helps.
biff's mom and dad gave us our kitchen table and chairs for a new house gift! we have lived at this table.
notice the plate racks that i love so much....no computer there anymore, it was a temporary thing.
more scrapbook.

i just never tire of it. more. more. more.
daydream scrapbook.
more blue and white in scrapbook.

more scrapbook.
more inspiration....for my project table!

love these colors and have them in the family room.
love the black  and love the wood stairs and the light house newel posts...scrapbook.

love this red couch.  our first family room couch in this house was red duck with khaki trim!  it was so happy to walk in and see that burst of red. scrapbook.

more of our family 
room colors.scrapbook.

i love chandeliers....scrapbook.

scrapbook.....love the shades...not the bows.  i just love some of the whimsy...but i don't really like too foofy.

my forever dream!

dreams do come true!

i love black frames.

our black framed photos on our white shelves.
 we tried out blue in the family room.

 blue jean couch and chair, lots of blue and white...now we're back to yellow walls in the family room.

our wicker so comfy...... 
still planning on having on a porch....when we build it.  it's on our list. nothing better on a summer night with a good book...
 we love books and books and books.
 here's another scrapbook page.
and some real books.
and below, our bookcases that we put in a few years ago.  we love our books...how do you live without your favorite books?
...still planning on having on a porch....when we build it.  it's on our list. nothing better on a summer night.  i have some of my best summer memories from my uncle burke and aunt martha's house....a little house, in connecticut, near the water with a great porch filled with family and friends of all ages, laughter, stories and  barbeque wafting through the air.  she always had wicker, old and new.....lots of beautiful plants, great art on the walls...it was an extension of her sweet home. aunt martha's my aunt who taught us all that it doesn't matter how big or small your house, how perfect or imperfect all of your "things" are,  it's the warmth and welcoming style you have that makes a house a home!  i think of her almost everyday!

and  while i was dreaming i went all of the way!
 well, at least we live in a beautiful town with beautiful homes on the water like this!
and like this.
and this.
and this.
as biff says about some of our dream houses
"easy to love" 
more dreams.

above is the sailboat pic that i had in the scrapbook maybe more than 10 years ago...and one of our biggest family dreams...we talked about it and hoped for a sailboat, we were on the lookout for the right boat for us! below, this is a bit like ours.

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