Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentine's day?

valentines day.  what a nice day it is.  the sun is shining and bursting in our windows, the sky is blue and the temperature is beautiful...mid 30's.  by mid february, mid 30's in connecticut feels like a spring day.

this morning we woke up and shared a little valentine hug. i'm grateful to be so in love with biff...still. i remember the first valentines day the we were together. we were newly dating, trying to take it slow...we had such a good thing together, neither one of us wanted to speed it up and ruin everything. we were both somewhat shell shocked from previous relationships.....that make us laugh today.

i still ask biff to tell me his date stories.  i laugh so hard that i cry.  i feel those women's pain.  nothing was wrong with biff.  it was the situations that went wrong.  right place with the wrong date.

one of my favorite examples was the spring sunday morning that he took his date to the zoo.  one of those classic, romantic dates...until he walked into the dark reptile house and the giant snake appeared!  his date, terrified of snakes.....he learned at that moment .....she shrieked,went running to the exit leaving a trail of dust behind, pole vaulted over the turnstyle and ran for cover!  they got through the day. he tried to take her to the bird house but guess what?  another bad choice.  they pretty much stuck to the safety of the monkeys and the zebras and the giraffes!  he had a nice relationship for awhile, but it just wasn't right.  very nice...just not it.

he has other stories. different locations, different dates.  all nice women.  and of course, my nice biff. i love these stories.......not because of biff's good intentions and dates went awry, but because they were not meant to be.  had those same dates been me, i would have loved that time with biff.  i'm grateful because what wasn't their best date
with whatever mixups ensued was saved for me.  i laugh because i see things in a different way....biff's way.

had i not been going through some of my dates from hell at about the same time as biff, our timing never would have worked out to be so great for each other.  when one door closes, another the mother superior said in "the sound of music".(

gyneth paltrow found that out in "sliding doors"(

it's not all about biff's dates. i had some not so great dates over the years too.....and it felt like years and years and years and get the picture.......i had the  "hometown guy" inviting me out to a live music show in a  classic new york city setting, some drinks, some loud music, some singing....while the music was playing, i  turned to "hometown guy" to smile  enthusiastically only to notice and anguished look on his face, covered with beads of sweat.  his eyebrows were furrowed, his jaw a bit tight and his words were weak.  it was shortly after that he suggested we leave.

that was fine with me.  it was late.  as he drove me home, he became even less talkative, more sweaty and i noticed his jaw was clenched as tightly as his hands were on the steering wheel.  i worked on some conversation...maybe he was nervous.....nothing.....more sweat....and a visible discomfort. hmmmm.  one date and it was pretty wierd.....oh, give him a chance, i thought.  maybe it's an off night.  he had barely put the car in park and he was ready to take off. good night.  bye.

it was weeks later when i was sitting with my aunt, who was asking whatever happened to "hometown guy"...she knew the family.....i told her my bizarre date story.  she said, "when was that, a few weeks ago?  isn't that when that bad stomach flu was going around?"  at that moment, it all made sense. we got hysterical was nervous laughter....for "hometown guy". we could only imagine his discomfort and relief to get me out of that car!

oh, there are more with lots of variety....too many to mention, actually.  the more the merrier!  and they all make me even more grateful for waiting....waiting for the right guy!

this all started because of valentine's day.  i'm happy to say that after a morning hug, my coffee was delivered to my bedside.  this was no ordinary coffee.  we had a littlemixup with our keurig coffee maker button pushed at the wrong time(kind of like dating!) sent the keurig into coffee lockdown. not good.  biff called the coffee guru at the customer service number and was talked through it like captain sully on u.s.air, the plane that landed in/on the hudson river last year.(

the keurig was fixed. and i got coffee in bed.  i walked downstairs to find t.j. flipping pink pancakes on the griddle. coffee and pink pancakes...who could ask for a better valentine's day? 

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