Wednesday, March 10, 2010

cook dinner

is this just my life or does anyone else live like this?  from time to time we seem to have life like this and i can't believe it!  it can't be!  it's out of control....there's no stopping us!  we will never get ahead of ourselves!

during finals, a friend from college said, "i'm so far behind, i think i'm first!"

every now and then, this is our life.  it is so stressful!  i haven't gotten my act together since skiing.....i'm feeling guilty for hardly getting anything's 7:30 at night and we haven't eaten dinner.

biff is working on something in the basement/playroom to be (for the second time around after water got in).....grace is crying because she's worried about school and her trimester finals and grades and that she isn't smart and she isn't going to get in a good college...and she'll never be successful...that her grandmother thinks she's smart and i lie to tell her that she has a beautiful voice and tell her that she is, in fact, smart...i remind her that she had mono this year, she is a freshman in a new school, hard work and lots of social but she hasn't knocked herself out and really worked hard.  i tell her we all know what it's like to feel this way.  she is MAD at me for telling her "lies."
b.c. eagles college 
is/was/is grace's dream

that's for grace and for us.  we haven't experienced this's hard for us to see this happen but we can't study for her...she has to learn how to do it herself.  she has to learn consequences for her less than optimum study habits this year.

i tell her that all she can do the next right thing.  it all can change.  she can turn this around.  it's going to take some effort.  it's harder to do less work and feel more stressed and upset and overwhelmed!  i believe in her.i know she will make a change.  she doesn't believe it yet...and that's the hard part...for grace and for us.

i asked t.j. to help his dad downstairs.  he offered. biff said not now. later, biff needed help...he called t.j.....t.j. went down reluctantly as he had been turned away the first time.  biff asked him to do 2 things. t.j. did 2 things...exactly 2 ...that's it...2.  biff was bothered and he told t.j.  that's when it got kooky. t.j. said he helped. biff said not quite willingly.  t.j. said he offered.  biff said not really.  biff was MAD!  ANGRY!.....that's when the frustration and parental people in the house got mad...angry...frustrated...bothered.....ahhhhhhhhhh!

biff sent t.j. to his room. t.j. went up stairs reluctantly and angry!  MAD! ANGRY! FIGHT!in his voice.

when t.j. went upstairs i asked grace to go help biff if he needed more help.  grace was at the computer...not studying.

i got bothered.  she had some not so nice comments because i had apparently called her name too many times...just think about that...i think if you're a parent, you'll get it!  i got MAD, BOTHERED, FRUSTRATED!

and after words with biff and i, biff sent grace to the dining room table to study.   grace sat for a moment at the table...that's when i told her to do the next right thing.....and the whole house of cards fell on top of each the ground...*POOF* one moment.

so, now i'm going to do the next right thing and cook dinner.

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