Thursday, March 18, 2010

 i've been thinking about my mom....i miss's been almost 2 years...i have lots of great memories.  moms and daughters learn from each other!
i'd like to share some of some of life's little "rules" that i learned from my mom, "amazing grace".....

*always put your lipstick on in the makes you look alive! 
*buy yourself flowers every week...just because they're pretty.
*get your hair done weekly or as often as you can.
*fill your tank of gas before it hits 1/4 full/empty....if the gas goes to almost empty, that's the mirky, unclean gas....did she make that up or is it true?
*love your mother in law...she's the reason you love your husband!
*always work for the best.
*when driving a car, don't hesitate.
*buy pretty nightgowns.
*make the dishes in your cabinets look pretty, you have to look at them everyday.
*if you wear a designer print of any kind, leave all of the other designers in the closet.  it looks tacky.
*always buy that little something for someone when you see it in the store.
*light candles at dinnertime...even if you're alone.
*show respect to elderly folks.
*enjoy lovely creams with soft fragrances.
*have a routine.
*read the new york times....always read the fashions of the times.
*go to church.
*make a phone call and surprise someone.
*eat less and eat in moderation.
*don't eat the fake foods...light, fat real and eat less of the real thing.
*play music at home to keep you company.
*play music in the car.
*write lists.
*keep an extra $20. hidden in your wallet.  it's there if you need it or if you want to treat yourself to something special.
*get up and get out everyday...seeing people you know in your town  is like money in the bank.
*you can do anything if you put your mind to it.
*the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
*wear the colors that you love.
*be kind.
*buy pretty sheets and buy nice quality.
*make your home comfortable and welcoming.
*treat yourself to ice cream once in a while.
*don't lower yourself to other people' level.
*cut slices of cucumbers and tomatoes and put them in a little cooler with hellman's mayonnaise, chips and a cold drink...and you'll have a refreshing sandwich at the beach.
*don't slow down.
*try not to stop driving at night as you get age yourself.
*take a friend on a road trip for a day or for a weekend.
*call your mother
*laugh at your children just because they're adorable!
*keep your friends in your life
*just get up and do it.
*always leave your sink clean.
*don't charge'll get a run before the bill arrives in the mail.
*look your best.
*buy soft toilet paper.
*only buy canada dry ginger ale.
*if you're on a vacation or traveling...try to meet your friends that are visiting too...or call friends who live in the area.  it's fun to meet out of town.
*keep your handbag clean.
*you don't have to give children alot to make them happy....just a little something that THEY like.
*take time to wrap your christmas presents.
*sweep your christmas tree needles.
*stop by the clinique counter at saks.
*if you know how to shop and you  have taste, you can shop anywhere.
*buy nice bathroom towels.
*buy your bathing suit after 4th of july
*go to a show.
*have many interests.
*read about others' interests'.
*set a pretty table for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
*enjoy better things and less of them.
*don't settle
*always buy tropicana.
*change the colored candles each month.
*fold your sweaters.
*surround yourself with what you love.
*call and question your bill...they may not be right.
*have a sense of makes life easier.
*don't make the mistake of elastic waistbands...that's the reason american's are fat.
*pack it well and fold it well.
 *take the scenic route when you have the time.

those are just a few...and lots of them are floating around in my head!

grace worked at saks grace worked at saksfifthavenue, beginning in 1942. she came down from massachusetts on the grandfather told her to always work at the best and for the best. she did.  at the personnel office, they told her she would not be able to interviews on a saturday....that she must be interviewed because she would be leaving on a train for massachussetts.   they interviewed her and she got a job in the buying office of the children's accessories department.  that's where her 30 something year career began...with some time as a homemaker with her children.
she came back to new york city and her mother had her get an apartment at the barbizon hotel
she later moved to tudor city, and that's where she met my dad!  a great romantic story!

they got married at the lady chapel at st. patrick's cathedral in new york city.
that's when they moved to bronxville, ny. in
westchester county, where she opened "the maternity shop"...a clever name.
they moved out to manhasset,n.y. on long island. for the schools that were wonderful....but, for the beaches! jones beach.

another nice list to look at...i heard amy bloom speak on sunday at the women's health conference.

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