Monday, March 8, 2010

the last thing i said was, "i'm so grateful!"  that's what biff told me when i picked my head up from the snow.  i had just been skiing with biff and kit.  we had been on one of the first running lifts in the morning.  we had been skiing for hours.
once again, we had a ski weekend with our friends.  we had some of the most beautiful weather skiing that i can ever remember.good friends, blues skies, sunshine and weather in the 40's and 50's! who could ask for more?
kit and go had just been skiing out in colorado with the kids over february break.  all of their family have way more experience than our family. they're awesome to ski at our speed so we all get time together! we all love it...and we've been blessed to have time with our friends  sharing their winter home with us!

all of the kids have so much fun together. everyone skiing, t.j. snowboarding....we all had time together and the kids had some great times off on their own, skiing all of the trails together.  they would meet up with us at the top of the gondola or down at the lodge....give us an update...tell us some of their adventures...have a lot of laughs and they'd be off again.
after late night bedtimes, our kids were up and ready to go in no time.  talk about motivated! you can't imagine kids together having more fun together while sharing great mutual respect for each other. that's amazing to us all...the parents, that is.  all of our kids are pretty easy going. they've just been mixed together since early baby playgroup days. they just have an amazing do the parents. 
so there we were!  skiing in new hampshire.  lots of fun.  great family...great friends....great weather. bif. kit and i were on our way down the mountain...taking slow, family trails....we had them all to ourselves. we'd ski down, take breaks to talk and ski some more.
skiing with kit was so good for me. besides our laughing, watching kit from behind i was able to pick up some subtle pointers.  while their family was out in colorado, they had a guide who shared some great teaching tips....which they shared with us!  encouragement from friends is powerful!
so, there we were, enjoying the beautiful skies...mild...and bam! slow motion fall when i caught an edge and turned around and....lights out!!! for a second or two.  then, i looked down at the snow, heard kit and biff talking to me....i had to think to turn my head.....i picked up my head to look at them and had to concentrate...looked at them...sat skis on...went over to mini cafe, midway down, for coffee as planned....sat with kit....stunned, foggy....and kit, a nurse started talking....i tried to remember what happened.
kit kept saying, "remember..i was there and...remember!" i started to cry because i really couldn't remember!  then, we realized it was more than a bump...and ridiculously, i skiied to bottom.  we took off our skis. we just sat. and sat.
i started to feel a bit better.  i was upset to miss more skiing, but knew it was the right thing to do...just to sit.
that's how we spent the afternoon. we were enjoying the sun...and the kids came down in between runs, bif still skiied....we told him to!  kit was just as happy to stop skiing...and she was my private nurse!
 as we sat in our comfy chairs, i started to feel a bit better as the day went on. i wanted to stay at the enjoy sunshine and everyone.

we did some people watching too.  we saw local girls in ski gear with bikinis over there snow pants....some guys with left over 80s ensembles.....adorable teens with great ski stuff...we saw families....and baby skiiers....lots of fun!

we also had our new friend from last time at the mountain!  she works at the mountain and the fun ski store in town...she was there when i bought my new ski anorak!  the one that i love.......and chose it just for the colors! she said she came out of the lodge and recognized the jacket, kit and immediately   and came to say hello~!

some people just have the best energy!  jay...our new found friend, who lives up in new hampshire definitely has that energy!  she stopped and sat down...we chatted for a while.  we had a lot of laughs together.  she remembered the kids, biff, kit and was just one more fun bit of the day.  biff and i laugh because we always meet the nicest people when we're out and about.  we call them "shiny happy people" the r.e.m. song!

here i sit monday night.  lots of advice. lots of opinions.  i haven't gone to emergency. i haven't gone to doctor.  i hoped it would just pass. 

i made doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning. our friend is a doctor....he is very sensible...he thinks it is a bruise that will heal.  i do too.  

i'm still keeping my appointment.  a friend on facebook said," you have a concussion to match the hole in your head!" thankfully, he is an old friend.  when he wrote on facebook,"i'm an uncle!"....i wrote back,"now i can call  you a monkey's uncle!"

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