Saturday, March 27, 2010

**mean girl movies and chick flicks**

here's a link of great teen movies...really good movies...i'm hoping to watch them all again!

just added some of the mean girl movies and information that we've been learning as parents lately!  face it, we've all known the mean girls....some have even been the mean girls. i hope i wasn't mean or hurtful to anyone....if i ever have been like that, i hope i'll get the chance to apologize...or be an example some way.

this is a great you tube video of some great mean girl movies out there! anyone with girls should check them out....forever, there have been "mean girls"....this is a new generation of mean girls...with technology.this is not a's just a video with movie suggestions.....pretty good ideas all in one place!

also wanted to add some nice chick flicks to think about...for moms and girls....this link is a youtube video put to music with all of the movies listed...great resource!

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