Tuesday, March 16, 2010

this is a first!  too tired to blog! i'm going to the doc tomorrow about my headaches that i've been having after the concussion.  the light is bothering my eyes too!  slowed down...out of my control. again, i'm trying to listen!  i'm trying to listen to the signs my body is giving me.

thankfully, someone who cares gave me a gentle reminder to take care of my own self.it's hard for me to allow that kind of goodness in....i don't like to be a bother. so guess what? it was great to hear someone say that they were concerned.  i always try to be grateful when someone shows concern.....rather a quick reaction saying,"no it's not that bad i'm fine...i'm better than i was."  not like a martyr...just not wanting to whine or complain to people.

  i also realize how much i miss my mom at times like this.  she couldn't  really take care of me or even be here to cover for me....but i knew she cared...like nobody else....and that's just a mom.  only a mom.
i've been concerned too.  i tried to let it go.  why?  i should take better care of myself.  no one can read my mind.  i haven't really mentioned the headaches.  it's so boring to hear people complain! i'd rather not give in to that. i thought i was taking care. today i realized that i wasn't really doing my best.  i would definitely take better care of our kids!

and now, i'm going to take care of myself.  i'm going to bed...it's late.  my hours are mixed up...from resting with my eyes closed.  i saw one of grace's friends today...she had had a concussion that no one realized until a day or two later.  i stopped to ask her about her lacrosse concussion last year.  she was describing some of my same symptoms.  quick black out. eyes ultra sensitive to lights and reading....it was a gift to bump into her today.  that's when i called the doctor.  two people made a difference....sometimes it takes more than me! 

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