Friday, March 12, 2010

 sunroof view today!
cold, raw and damp...rain!

i picked up grace at school this morning at 9:45.  she had just finished her last exam of the trimester.  we drove to dunkin donuts drive through hot chocolate for grace and one coffee for me.

  we started driving. grace had some great tunes on the radio.  some not so great, but so good to hear her explain her music to me....why it's her favorite...why one singer is good and some rappers are really o.k. 

we do that drive thing together sometimes vacations, and i treasure those times.  she tells me about school, friends, just stuff, dreams....we talk.

those are the moments.  moments are really what we remember.  these moments with my 15 year old are precious.  i look back at our lives with children and think about the moments!
exciting, warm and cozy, sweet, quiet, sleepy, bedtime, bad dreams, wacky, creative.....moments.....and that's what we get!  i'll take them all...that's why we have to live in the moment! i would drive to california to have these times.

grace has had exams all week and t.j. has had the c.m.t.'s, connecticut mastery tests.  stress for grace and relaxation for t.j.  both the exams and the c.m.t.'s are over.

grace was feeling the stress of her finals for the trimester...this was her chance to bump her grades up.  freshman year has been a challenge...priorities, social life with friends, high school classes and teachers, teenage angst plus drama and mono...yup it's been stressful for us too!

t.j. was enjoying the non stress weeks of the c.m.t.'s! his teachers were giving no homework...a joy for us all.  a stress reliever for us all.  life was very enjoyable without homework.

again, being the parents, we work so hard to help our kids through the loop de loop of learning and studying.  we've always worked diligently at giving them a routine....before school, after school, homework, dinner, reading and bedtime.

considering i never fully mastered the concept of good study habits, it's been a great accomplishment to have given our kids a great start!  any friends who read this are probably laughing out loud just thinking of me?, training small children to learn good study habits!

keep laughing!  we're both trying to keep our kids from picking up some of our biggest downfalls. distraction from where was i going with this story!...and procrastination from biff...when he gets around to it.

we just want them to realize their potential.  not for college, not for career, not for ego...just for themselves to have pride in doing their best.

now it's the weekend. everyone is home. life is good. life is good in moments.  today, the moments have been great!  i think i'll crank some of the kids' tunes...and blast them through the house!

this is a link to a song that played while grace and i were driving. grace is fifteen and that's what this song by taylor swift sings about....if you listen to this song, you'll remember what you were like as a freshman in high school!

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