Sunday, April 11, 2010

could it be any better? spring has sprung! boston is beautiful! easy to love in the spring...the longer winter is "wicked"! 
to be back up here is wonderful....seeing our old town with the kids has been so much fun...grace and t.j. have enjoyed checking out all of their old spots...remembering where ballet class was when grace was 3, the pool where they learned to swim, our church, the beach .....and all of the territory we covered with the jog stroller...miles and miles!
it's been really remarkable to see the kids appreciation for all of people and places they remember.  they show so much maturity!  they really are growing up in attitude and demeanor.  o.k. let's remember we're away from home, there's no friend responsibilities. we're very aware that every day is we're enjoying today!  every minute!
easy to love with this beautiful weather...just like kids are easy to love when they're charming, easy going and agreeable! 
random thought...daffodils always remind me of cancer and raising awareness for cancer....i have a random memory of walking  babies in the hot pink double jog stroller....seeing people selling bunches of daffodils for cancer in front of the post office!  i never see a daffodil without thinking about cancer survivors!
easy to love! biff and i use the expression "easy to love" when we're driving by a beach house on the water....beautiful beach days....quality anything!

it's been great just to step away from our chaos....yesterday was a "touristy" was great to be back home...where we lived with little babies....where we started our lives as a new family!

it was our home. it will always be our special place. this is where we learned to be a mom and dad. this is where we grew our own our own new place.
this was where we learned together as a new family meeting new friends, this is where we explored together, this is where we had to worked and saved towards our first home....this is the place who taught us lots of life lessons that helped us to be who we hoped to be.  we learned together that family came first, family with faith and trust in each other, we learned how to deal with the little challenges, new challenges and new attitudes towards old challenges. lots of the life here got us exactly where we needed to be.  the right place for us, as a family.

home was here. home is in connecticut now. it's easy to love another place as home.  it's easy to live in someone else's place with no drama, no responsibilities, no demands. it's easy to visit and see the other side.

but,home is where the flooding is...home is where the dogs are....home is where grace has some scattered clothes on the floor...home is our own place to be....even knowing our problems with water and septic.

driving our "cah" around town while reminiscing and telling stories, i know we live in the best place for us. grace and t.j. sometimes say,"it would be great to move back to boston...beautiful, "easy to love", near boston....

yet, i do believe biff and i made the right decision to move to connecticut. that's really nice to know...10 years later...and living the real lives of our friends and their weekend schedule games and down time...real life because we weren't off to any special events....we were doing the lives of grace and t.j. in an alternate world! "easy to love"...

"easy to love" is what i said today while walking to the car after watching one of the boys' soccer games....grace was saying how fun it would be to move live in the pretty new england town...that's not so far off from our little connecticut town.  it's would be fun to move back... it's beautiful, it's spring, it's got a lot of what we love in a town...friends, schools with a great education, educated people, history and beaches. "easy to love."
that's pretty much the same expression for any little getaway we take for a break...."easy to love."
it's good to get away for a new perspective.

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brad said...

Awwwwww, very nice. Beautiful photos! I can smell the ocean. mb