Friday, May 28, 2010

happy memorial day and thanks to all of our veterans who have taken care of us all and risked their lives to save ours.  memorial day is one of my favorites....the parade, the veterans reflection on the green, the red, white and blue and the barbeques.

tonight, biff and i are taking 6 teens to the dave matthews concert.  grace first learned aobut dave matthews from claire, her cousin.  we all love music.  although t.j. never cared for "dave" .....he had "dave" grow on him....all of us, in this house have had many intimate moments with "dave" playing in the back round!  wait! i meant intimate, in the everyday family time kind of intimate!  dave has played throughout the house during moments of laughter, stress, tears and joy.  dave travels with us on family road trips, after school on the way to lacrosse games, he is even on grace's ringtone!  he's family.

all that we can hope is that we come home with the same number of kids that we left home with!  we have "lawn" tickets...we are hoping that we'll be in a crowd of people who aren't pot heads or lord knows what else.  either way, we all know that this will be a "teachable moment"....we've already had many conversations about the variety of people who go to "Dave" concerts...even claire has put the 
word out!  we have 4 girls sleeping over after the concert.  again, better at our house....we're always happy to have our house be the destination.  

then, memorial day will my  mind.  we have washed the sail boat...and if we're lucky, we can get it down to the beach before tomorrow.  that's a dream. the weather is beautiful but the water is still pretty chilly!

sadly, memorial day is the time that the dogs get shut out of our little least on weekends.  we are not able to "sneak" happy, wagging, loud, wet, smelly and beautiful goldens down to the beach very easily.  covert operations is not a likely career for daisy and fitzy.

it is still fitzy's dream to host a barbeque of her own down at the beach.  she loves a good barbeque.  her idea of good isn't what ours would be.  her favorite barbeque is when little kids are there and drop their hamburgers and there hot dogs roll off their that's a GREAT BARBEQUE!  

i still love the memorial parade. it was my first parade that i ever marched in. i was a brownie and there was no one prouder, wearing white cotton gloves. special memories.  i still love that parade in the town where i grew up.  

happy memorial day.  it's the beginning of least, on our connecticut shoreline! 

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