Wednesday, May 26, 2010

one post at a time

my style.  i love to write.  it's much more concise when talking with friends. when i write on this blog, i write too much.  i know it rambles and since i've had my e-bay store it has been rambling more and more...and more. it's time.  time management.  life. life management. me. me management.

when i began life with new babies, i had to work out time...time management according to the babies. now according to the teens, independent as they are, i still have to work my time management around them. 

family, kids me and miscellaneous life. miscellaneous life now consists of me working....on my my blog and on my store. 

my blog was fun to write at first. since my e-bay store, i've had to work hard to do e-bay well.  i see growth in my store.  i don't see growth in my blog.  friends read it...some others do. it's not reader's rambling....the writing  needs effort and time.

no one has time. life is busy.  after thinking whether or not to continue...i realized that it will be very good to simplify.

i've decided to write shorter and more concise posts with short stories of my funny real life moments....the real reason for the name of the blog!  hence, "littlemarymixup", the name my mom so fondly called me!

it's the little things.  it's everyday life stuff. it's the funny people i meet stuff.  it's the dogs' stuff.  just stuff. everyday stuff.

that was my plan. initially, committed to writing every day, i was proud of myself  for following through.

now, i feel like jack of all trades....master of none because i love it all!  it's just not good for me.....probably not so good for any one reading....yawn.

so, i'll try it. simply. maybe i'll be more enthusiastic once i simplify. maybe others will enjoy it more.....if it's not written like war and peace. too big a commitment to sit down and read?  ya think? i do.  i'm boring myself and i just hate when that happens.

so, we'll see how it goes....i guess if you're out there reading this, you can be the judge.  i judge myself well enough, thanks.

as the famous a.a. slogan says, "one day at a time."  if an alcoholic, desperately trying to get sober  from a tumultuous disease, can do this "one day at a time" thing....i guess i can give it a go.  some of the recovered people that i know have told me that they had to take it one hour at a time! i'll take it one post at a time.

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