Monday, May 17, 2010

Teach Your Children

sorry to have so many "mixups" in blog land. it seems that while i have something that i love doing, this is the season of ends of this and ends of that and more of this and more of that! lacrosse games, lacrosse picnics, concerts, events of all kinds.....something for everyone...everywhere! someone...somewhere.once's always something.  thank you gilda radner.

a whirlwind of a weekend has led us into a whirlwind of a monday.  it's true.  what have i done?  where have i gone?  when have i done it?  why have we done it, all of us?

whirlwind.  that pretty much explains it. friends we love have kids we love graduating college at this time of year, reminding us of the exciting time in our lives.  we have other friends with kids graduating high school.....WOW!   i just realized...this moment ....that 2, count 'em 2 of my God Children are graduating high school.  YIKES!
3 of my God Children ###3!

3 sweet girls.  all born the same year.  all with different hopes and dreams....goals and plans....styles and attitudes.  michaela is a middle child. molly is the youngest of four children.  emily is the first of two children.

Does that matter?  maybe.  it's interesting to see who people become.  nature vs. nurture. does the birth order really factor into who we are.  i think so! just sayin'. 

one girl loves drama.  not just day to day drama.  just drama.  the  smiling, singing, dancing and on stage all day, all night, lullaby of broadway kind of drama!  that's a firstborn. WOW!  i believe in her.  i believe she can accomplish anything she sets out to do!  i also believe that life has serendipitous events that lead us through life.  it's a big world. it's all out there for us....where do we run with it?  or where will she run with it.  if she runs, how far will she go?  how far will she want to go?  the morning of her christening, we played the music to "sister act" whoopi goldberg....

emily elizabeth's mom and dad loved the movie....her mom and dad loved the music....her mom and dad loved their baby....her mom and dad loved all of us....but, baby emily was crying and crying and crying on the morning of her christening.  that's what got us bouncing and bumping and singing and rocking and dancing with the itty bitty baby girl the hours before her christening!  

did that song have anything to do with her future in drama, music, singing, dancing, rocking, rolling and more?  maybe.  i'd like to think that biff and i are responsible for her.....oh wait!  that would be thanks to emily's mom and dad!  i rocked and rolled and did some song and dance....but, it wasn't quite what her parents did to encourage her and see her through all of the years that led her up to college admission at a fine school, as a student of drama, music and dance.
she is a sweet and loving and beautiful curly haired, green eyed, smiling, giggling star...and i wished her only the biggest dreams on the day of her christening.  i had my own dreams for that baby of one of my very best friends!  i still have those dreams.  big.  very big.  i wish for her happiness.  i want her to have a life filled with family and friends and love surrounding her.....always.  oh, she can become a hollywood starlet or a dance teacher or sell videos with movie wish for her is the same.  i wish for her to live out her dreams as they by by day.

michaela, a middle child, was baptized on a cold  winter morning surrounded by  loving family with lots of wonderful wishes for her.  I whispered my own wishes for her life and all good things for her future.  of course, i had dreams of me being a guiding force in her life.  as life takes twists and turns, my love for her was always deep yet distance and circumstance kept us less than close.  in spirit, i sent love and i still dream big for her....and since we are not so close, distance wise or family connection wise, my dreams are out there for her!  they are dreams i wish for her that she may never know.  i have loved her and wished good things for her from the moment i saw her....after a six hour drive....and delight at the sound of her name. she knows i love her.  she know that i care.  our days are not filled with the greatest connection, but the love is there.  my dream for her is the same....only different!  i wish for her to follow her dreams.  i dream for her to listen to what matters....i dream for her to listen to her heart and follow her dreams. my dreams for michaela are big yet simple!  i wish her the greatest love and  lots of joy for the simple things in life.  i dream that she will always know what matters!   that's love...always.  now, that's big.

molly is the youngest of thte four girls in her family.  with 3 girls before her, molly knew her place!  the last shall be first!  molly shared the love of her parents and lots of family and friends....and lots of hand me down dresses!  with her go with the flow sweetness and gentle ways, molly learned at an early age that being number one could come easily if she could tough it out!  she's beautiful and soft spoken and carries a big stick!  that's her smarts!  she is bright and articulate and humble and her attributes will have her shining whether in 3 sisters' shadows or on her favorite beach.  i dream  of action and fun and kindness and gentleness...for the sweet little girl inside!  i rocked her and held her and loved her from the moment we met.  always, the last of the little ducklings....but molly always stood out....she made sure of that!  she is her own person...strong in heart and in character and mind.  My dreams for molly are stand tall and proud and take chances and dare to be more than she can imagine....and know that her sweet ways will carry her stick.  molly is on her way to great things....and molly will stay true to herself and move on her dreams....molly will make them happen...that's molly...she gets it done.

dreams are important.  they keep us moving towards a goal...and the goals change....sometimes daily....sometimes hourly...sometimes with small children, by the minute! 

it's fabulous to feel that others share our dreams.  it's exciting to share our dreams.  it's a miracle when  we have someone to share our dreams with...that is the blessing i wish for all....not that one's life goal is to meet someone to share dreams....that's the greatest gift i've gotten.  after all of the fabulous hopes and dreams and plans and loves and goals and fun and singing and dancing and thinking and doing ........that's the bonus!  that's the bonus that may come the midst of the goals and thinking and dreaming and singing and fun and thinking and dancing and doing!

my wish for each one of them is the same. dream. plan. set goals. stay strong. dream big. never give up. never give up. never give up.  wish......wish for more and plan.  sometimes hopes turn out better than we plan! that's my wish for each sweet and strong girl.....young woman. 

life takes twists. turns. ins. outs. ups. downs. curves. dreams.....DREAM BIG!

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