Monday, May 10, 2010

what a day!  up and atom and on the go!  today was an e-bay day!! and lots of fun. 

i survived another day at the post office.  for most, that's no accomplishment to even mention.  for me, it's a heroic act of bravery!  it takes a hero to make it to the post office with 8 packages, packed nicely, addressed, carried the hefty load to the car with the 2 golden retrievers frolicking all the way. 

one coffee from starbucks...that fitzy found to be a  mid afternoon pick me up, managed to drink without spilling a drop on my fabulous e-bay  merchandise. oh, she did spill but, what coffee she did spill, daisy managed to quickly slurp it up! 

and that's just before i left the driveway.
as i was backing down the driveway, t.j. came running after me...he was desperate for some danon gogurt...

he just had some sort of lisping device put into his mouth at the orthodontist this was imperative. it was the only thing he could eat.  he traded his whole lunch for a gogurt today...just to have something...anything....any  morsel.  

quite a bit on my plate for a woman with post office issues.  i was determined. i had lots to get in the mail.  after t.j.'s desperate plea, i hit the gas and made a break for it!

i got over the first hurdle smoothly.  there was parking right outside of the post office. 

while i had the immediate packages all set to go, there were some that i was hoping to send on their way once i found the right size boxes.  that's what i tossed and tangled with outside of the post office...i had tissue paper and bubble wrap and new address stickers and markers....while the doggies looked over my shoulder....fitzy eager to grab another cuppa joe.

have no fear! i managed to get into the building just in time for the long 5 o'clock line!  the woman postal worker didn't even scold me for slipping in the door at the last she had done on friday...which further scarred me and caused some postal customer shame.  I managed to carry my slippery envelopes and tumbling boxes to the counter to ship out.

in just a few moments, i was skipping out the door.  another day at the office...the post office.

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