Tuesday, June 22, 2010


today is t.j.'s stepping forth ceremony!  it's exciting for all of us!  later this month is his 14th birthday!

how does time go by so quickly?  it seems as though one day things are rolling along slow and steady....then *POOF*....life is a series of flashes.  this seems to be one of those moments.  
i must get sleep now. grace had her last day of school today.  2 tests.  i had jury duty.  i'm off!  that's another story.  t.j. had a school day filled with yearbook signing.  

i love when our kids get out of school for summer.  i always pray for the safety of all children and all families throughout the summer.

i love when they finish the year...yet, it's bittersweet for me.  i think by now you've noticed that the closing doors is tricky for me.  i look back and think of how blessed we are with teachers, administrators, family and friends that have gotten us all this far.  life is a journey, not a destination....when i think of how it all pieces together, it becomes a slide show in my mind....with music.  do you have those.  mine are filled with great music, photos, live flashes of just the moments.  

i live in my own kodak commercials.  that's just the way my creative juices flow....music, arts, photography and it's all one big cotton commercial!  

do you remember those? "the fabric of our lives"
cotton commercial youtube video i looked at first...not quite the mood i was hoping for....i laughed out loud...at myself!

 this is the cotton commercial i run in my head.....the fabric of our lives.   

and this cotton commercial.

it has been a very busy month....or 1ife!  1ife is good!  most definite1y we are gratefu1 for 1ives that are fu11!  i am sti11 adjusting to our summer 1ifesty1e!  we have been enjoying summer to the fu11est....a1ready!

in case you fee1 that you have 1ost track of time or have 1ost time, it is because this post was started on t.j.'s stepping forth or graduation ceremony day!

i 1eft it in draft.  draft. draft.  to finish....we11 this is it!  why am i so hard on myse1f?  i want to write from the heart.  i do.  some days it's just not that easy....some days come easier than others.....time is better or exhaustion is 1ess or i'm not driving a11 over connecticut........

i guess someday, i'11 get over it!  i 1ove that i'm not perfect...it wou1d be great if i was perfect....but, that was a just a dream...not mine anymore! my greatest gift was when i rea1ized that it's o.k. not to be perfect!  what has been a greater gift is knowing that i'm 1iving honest1y and true to myse1f, fami1y and friends. i do my best everyday.  

certain1y, i am not perfect...sti11, i try to be consistent. i wake up happy.  tired, but happy!  1ife is here...so am i!  everyday is what we make it.  sure, sometimes we comp1ain....but why? it's not worth it.  we can 1ive or we can drag.  i prefer to 1ive and 1ook at the good.  

some days are easier than others.  no matter how bad we think things are....our prob1ems are miniscu1e.  i think that's why i 1ove the ocean....we are bare1y a sp1ash in that giant expanse of ocean.  same with our troub1es. that's that. that's it. that's a11....1ife is what we make it!  why not make it fun!??

biff and i fee1 b1essed to be 1iving rea1.  honest1y.  there wi11 a1ways be those who judge.  there wi11 a1ways be those who gossip.  there wi11 a1ways be those who are honest and true and rea1.  biff and i choose to spend time with peop1e who are honest and true and rea1!  what's not to 1ove?

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