Tuesday, August 24, 2010


can you believe it?  in the middle of back to school shopping i find myself on the way to IKEA!

We have notebooks, pens, pencils and backpacks.....now we need to help T.J. and some of his attempt to bring order to his overstuffed room!  He has cleaned out.  He has given away.....now he sees an opportunity for order by shelving.  Not a bad idea.  He knows what he likes.  So do I....some kids with semi - clean rooms.  Anything that helps keep STUFF off the floor is just fine and dandy with me.

We are turning it into a shopping excursion with family and friends.  Even a snack!  Frozen Yogurt.  IKEA has some good material for order.  Not great, sturdy furneiture...we don't like particle board....bad for the planet and chessy for our home.  In order to keep our planet healthy, we have found the family hand me down furniture program a wonderful opportunity to recycle quality!  Then, everyone is happy!!

Brought mom to IKEA right after her first hip surgery only to find that there is only one way to get in or out.....the store spirals around and around for miles!  Great place to bring a mom in her 70s for her first outing!  We laughed so hard we almost....well, you know that ending.  We laugh alot in stores.  We have had laughter in stores for generations.  T.J. and Biff litereally RAN ouat of IKEA last time!  TOO MUCH STORE A.D.D! They ran out the emergency door just to find peace and remove themselves from the chaos!

We expect the same to occur within the next 2 hours.....see ya.

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