Thursday, September 16, 2010


Our new kitty typed my title for today's blog post...Thomas, now known as Webster.........
<<000000000kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk=]]]]]]]]]]]]],m=> >>     is already multi tasking.  He's got talent!  Yup...I'm just like all of the other mom's in this       < <<=\\\\\\\\\\\\>>  >        helicopter/superglue/velcro world. I believe that just because our little kitty has scrolled out a few typewritten, paw punched words on my laptop, he is THE most talented kitty in the world!  Mine is the one....definitely.  This kitten is making it to the big league.  This kitten's got talent!

Why is this happening in our country?  Who are these people?  Why does everyone need to be on a t.v. show to prove that their kid or kiddy/kitty is the best and why do we have to watch them try to prove it?  On television!

We have lived side by side with some of the parents while standing on the sidelines of soccer fields or lacrosse fields, baseball diamonds, basketball courts and peeking in the window at ballet class, karate, cub scouts and brownies....... excuse me the kitten seems to have some input here!       < < < sta of ba>  >     ...who want us to know that their       < <(>>  >           their child or children have talent......above and beyond the other gazillion kids on out on those fields or wooden floors all across the country.   I feel for the kids....the pressure seems intense.

Being the best in school or sports is a dream for some kids who feel it from deep inside...that's big. Some kids seem to be poised to fulfill their parents unfulfilled dreams. We see the parents.  We see the kids.  Are they having fun?  Doesn't look like it after the game when one or both parents are doing post game breakdown.  Nervous breakdown. 

They say many kids are ridden with anxiety these days.  I wonder why? Parents seem to be talking about scholarships and exclusive middle school.  We hear that there is a new trend in college's not about the grades and the multiple sports in which little kiddy excels, it's about passion and overall work and balance.

My mom always said, "Everything in moderation."....I think that applies to our kids as much as for our eating and drinking habits. what happened to that?

I keep thinking of Jon Benet Ramsay.  Oh, I've seen 2nd graders at ballet recitals wearing make up and getting bouquets bigger than baby Jon Benet.  It's just creepy.

The best part of my day today was a "TEENS" meeting available, through our schools,
for parents of teens in the  town.  A few of us graduated from "TWEENS"...our kids are in high school now. 

It's nice to have a safe place for our style of parenting...the ones who just do their best to have their kids do their best and find their own way with our support.  It's tricky territory.  AND it's high school, a tumultuous time in any teens life.

It's great to be with parents who have  honesty, best intentions,  a sense of humor, 
passion for children trying to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others who have traveled this route before us.  There are meetings for "TEENS AND BEYOND"....I kid you not.  The moderator has grown children...she says there are new things to deal with even then! Thank goodness parents benefit from a learning curve just as our children do.

The letting go curve seems to be even more intense for  parenting 2010.  I wonder why. Are we all trying to hard? Where's the balance. How about our parents?  They were far from helicopters and velcro....and they loved us....and did their best too! It seems that however we choose to parent, we all end up getting our life lessons by growing right along with our kids.  Bringing up parents is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it......just sayin'.  

Parenthood, a new weekly show this season is so real life, we see ourselves or a facsimile of in every episode.

I guess we're all just doing our best for the ones we love. 

Parenthood, the movie, isn't far from the truth!

This is a great article from the New York Times Sept.2010 
By the way, the kitty really tip toed across these keys....he keeps us laughing. 

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