Thursday, September 2, 2010

School started Tuesday.  Today is Thursday. I received an e-mail today from the school closing! superintendent.  It was to notify us of an early dismissal tomorrow, Friday.  I'm thrilled! Already there's a school closing
It's very nice for all of us. When Grace and T.J. arrived home this afternoon, T.J.announced that they would be having an "EARLy  Dismissal." 

Already this week, we've lived through homework.

T.J has done a short power point presentation with great tension since it could only be done on Biff's computer....Biff was in Boston at homework time.

We've covered geometry books, spanish books and  history books. 

Grace has spent hours of deliberation over clothing choices.

We've cut off the computer and x-box for the week....most of the week.

Grace has announced many times that she's "stressed out" because of the new school year! 

We've packed healthy lunches, bought healthy snacks. 

We've all worked on getting to sleep earlier and waking up without drama. 

We've had to do the a.d.d. selection of the school picture package....which they make so confusing that we are forced to plunk down millions of dollars just to get the form filled out. Then, our students need to select one of 238 back rounds which must coordinate with the clothing selection for picture day. 

We've had e-mail communications with the Guidance Counselor... T.J. found out that chorus was not the mandatory elective as his sister advised.  Phew! He likes music, he enjoys many different styles from rock classics to hard rock to rap to marching bands and salsa!  Just kidding about the salsa...I think.  It could have changed this afternoon.  The good news is that both kids enjoy a wide variety of music.....I digress!  

All of that and more for 3 1/2 days of school!  Wouldn't it have been simpler to just waited until after Labor Day? Did I mention that the schools are closed for some of the Jewish Holidays this month!  They may not have a 5 day week until after Columbus Day.......

Just sayin'.

Like it or not, Earl is heading for Connecticut
Our newsrooms have been busy covering all things Earl throughout the day.
As it stands right now, Earl is a Category 3 hurricane off the coast of North Carolina and is expected to start impacting our area around Friday afternoon. For our readers in New Haven county, as you probably realize, you’re already in a tropical storm warning.

We’ve also got a really useful interactive map on with the absolute latest Earl trackings.

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