Friday, October 22, 2010

Are we there yet questions

Here we are in Massachusetts....near Boston.  Back in the beautiful town Biff and I chose to live back when we our baby Grace was just 4 months new!  We're visiting our friends...lifelong friends for Grace and T.J! These were our "new friends" who have become "old friends" over the last 15 years.  Go figure.

We're up again to go to a Boston College football game.  Fall and football and friends.  A wonderful weekend.  Preparing to get here was quite an effort.  Since last week, Grace and T.J. have been asking what time we're leaving, what day we're leaving...Saturday? Friday? Which car?  Can we take our bikes? Can we get there in time to meet them at their bus?  Don't you think we should leave school early on Friday....they get out at 2:10?  How much earlier could it be?  Did you call and figure out when we're going?  Who is going to the game?  What time is the game?

We were working out all of the schedules of 2 families.  I just had a few things to figure out and get together before heading out.  After some consideration, it seemed to be best if Biff left ahead of me....with the kids. Ahhhhhh. Taking a little time for yourself?  That's nice. Biff agreed.  I would travel solo in order to get a couple last minute things done.

Schedules?  Biff would need to travel Monday.... in the Boston area.  Car number 1.  The rest of our family had to get back for school.   Car 2. Biff worked on Friday. I had some E-bay work to do.....go to the post office..... call and text the dog and kitty sitter.... find the bulb (no small feat!) for and change the dead light bulb outside the front door.....return the vacuum bags and vacuum belt that I had made a special trip to the vacuum man for.....only to find out that it was all the wrong size the wrong size and get the right size ( big deal you say?  ha! I challenge you!)......go to the mailing store and make copies  and find the store has closed. No. Not closed. CLOSED for good.  Return books at the library. Return 4 books on tape, after filling all of the c.d.s in the proper slots and find one disc missing so take one book on tape back home Get out some books on tape for the ride.  Feed the dogs...... Walk the dogs..... Put on the dogs' peaceful music, "Through a Dog's Ear"...pick up my bike at T.J.'s friend's house (don't ask).....go to pharmacy....get gas for my car....all while Biff had already attached the bikes to the back of my car......turn on lights at the house.....clean the 2 loads of laundry while doing the run around.....pack.....pick up....and.......oh, just taking a little time for myself.


Biff and I recalled our dear friend saying, way back when, when we asked what life was like after the second baby......she looked at us, looked at her hands and said, " You know, it's kind of like seeing a hang nail one day and getting to it a week later."  I guess that's just parenthood.  It's always somethin'.

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