Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Halloween.  Buy candy. Check. Why do I do that to myself? Every year it's the same.  Candy. I'm out shopping in mid October. I see the Halloween displays everywhere. I am absolutely horrified that these stores are beginning holidays earlier and earlier. I don't remember when I first saw Halloween in the stores this year. Who knows? When we were on the cape? Not so crazy.  Yet, somewhere in that mid October moment I think.....better get it now. 

Why. I know that before the end of the week I will dip in....just for a treat.  I don't even keep this kind of stuff in the house.  So, if I buy it early I know to hide it.  But isn't that ironic....I am the one hiding it.  Yup.  I hide it well. I also remember where it is....within moments I'm crinkling the bag and opening it even if it takes teeth.  I'm not proud.  By this point, I have to have it. I'm like Fitzy.  I would scale tall buildings to get to it.  I may not invade neighbors' barbeques like Fitzy but I get at that candy. Did I mention that I buy the kind that I like but would never justify buying otherwise.

Well, this year the plan was right on target. Candy. Check. Hide. Forgot where....very unusual.  How have I come up with it now?  The week before Halloween?  I put all of the candy, still in grocery bags, in the garage.

I was outside the other day with the doggies. Fitzy is now on a very long training leash.  Hah? Training? Surely we jest.  I was organizing (don't laugh...I need encouragement, not mockery!) some of our garage obstacle course.  While in up to my elbows, I turned when I heard a rustling of plastic.  

I dropped my Rubbermaid tub.  I ran. It was Fitzy, snoot first in the tub filled with Halloween goodies. I pulled her back. I scolded her.  "NO," I barked. "LEAVE IT!" 

The good news.  Fitz didn't get to all of it.  There was more for me.  I didn't have to rip the bag open with my teeth! Oh....I did have a few Hershey's kisses....and took one out for later.  

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