Friday, October 15, 2010

Things happen

Wow! Things happen when you share ideas with others!  I mentioned to a writer and photographer in town that it would be cool to connect with other bloggers to share information and ideas.  He works at the library.  I suggested the group meeting in the library. Two weeks later, I am officially a member of a group of bloggers.  The writer/photographer made the group happen. It's almost a year since my blogging began.  Although my time management has been littlemarymixup E-bay store, my blog is one of the greatest undertakings I've ever experienced. 

Besides the creative outlet and computer learning curve from a woman who barely used e-mail to someone who is less intimidated and somewhat savvy. Enjoying the creative opportunities, communication and connections have been the most encouraging.  Throughout the last year I have met new people.  Other bloggers, followers, some old friends who really know my mix ups and share similar stories, long distance friends who like to stay updated and long distance family members who we love and miss.  

Some followers of the blog have been so encouraging when I had doubts, friends laughed along with me when mix ups happened, some friends with teens felt my pain and they were right there on the roller coaster with me!  Bloggers have shared some blog tips and fear of follower issues!

 I will admit that has been one of my biggest struggles along the blogging way. It's really just my ego.   Followers.  I haven't had much of an official following. Do I write for me or followers?  Me.  People throughout my life have consistently said, "You oughta right a book!" So, blogging fits the bill. 

 Not all choose to "follow" formally as in sign in as a regular reader. They come in all ages. Some of the kids' friends are my biggest followers! Some of my friends can't even figure out how to follow! Some friends and family say they have no interest or time. Some choose not to follow because they choose anonymity which seems ironic since I'm the one sharing my real life thoughts and feelings. 

 The reader shares nothing unless there's a desire to comment.  It's funny.  Even friends have said they were "afraid" to read it because they were concerned that they were "creeping on my life," as our kids say!  I have no secrets.  I do tell real life.  My life.  I don't write details if it's about someone else's feelings or issues.  These are just times of my life that I share along the way... whether it's on my blog, on the beach or chatting in Starbucks.  

To me, it's all just stories.  Or rantings.  Or ramblings. It's not the cure for cancer or trade secrets.  I believe if more people shared (with limits) in this life, everyone would be alot healthier....just because they know they're not alone.

 Whatever happens in life, one thing is certain, we all have to deal with change, loss, challenges....emotional and physical, hurts, sickness, family, friends and stuff!  It's sharing that keeps us from feeling overburdened or overwhelmed.  So that's me.  Not everyone cares to share.

I've been sharing since kindergarten....especially stories.  Miss Murphy, my kindergarten teacher, called it early on.  On my report card she wrote, "Liz likes show and tell and sharing.  Liz likes to dramatize stories."  Yup. 

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