Monday, November 22, 2010

Late afternoon walk today with Daisy and Fitzy today...we were all home today. Grace and T.J. studying for trimester finals while Biff and I finished painting the dining room. We've wanted to for months. Biff is home. I am home. It's time to take advantage of this and get to some long overdue projects. PINK....the dining room has gone from green to pink. It reminds me of mom's favorite lipstick by Revlon. Who knew that when I picked the chip? Biff and I laughed and said it will be her way of being with us for. Thanksgiving!
Oh...did I mention that we're having Thanksgiving at our house! Yup! We love it at our house....hope we finish painting or we'll have to pass out brushes instead of turkey. Biff and I have always said company keeps us clean! Hope so because we have twenty something people coming....some to stay over...we love that! We have lots to do...tables and chairs should magically the loaves and fishes? I think I'd better get on that or we'll be having a sit in! WWPD? What would the pilgrims do?

On the sniff trail...

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