Sunday, November 28, 2010

"LOVE THAT PINK" By Revlon....that's the new color of our dining room! That was not the name on the chip. It was after Biff and I painted the first coat, it hit me.. the great color choice was meant to was just like mom's Love That Pink lipstick! It was the perfect color pop of pink that I wanted! Best of all...when I checked in with Biff ,just a cell phone call away from the paint mix counter, I asked just how much he trusted me and how comfortable he was with his manliness......while  the man at the counter wait ed with bated breath to hear Biff's response. Biff didn't even have to pause before saying, "How much is it?" Silly. I told him it was about the color of the paint...... not about a new car! With color, he trusted me implicitly! I knew that already. I told Biff that it was just a courtesy call!  He said he knew that too! I knew that he knew me all too well.....but he knew that already. We communicate well. Painting....we're pretty good too.  He likes the taping and cutting in....I just love all of the rest! The details like unscrewing light switches.....just slows me down. Thankfully, those picky little details make him jump! After his initial panic....over lights and doo hickies.....oh, and some floor covering....Biff jumps right in to "help" or keep my Picasso in touch with his Michaelangelo! It was meant to be. It looks beautiful. And, we still love each other.

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