Friday, November 19, 2010

The morning after!

H'mmmmm....... Ahhhhhhhh NOT! After picking up Grace and a friend at school....and both of the girls were so shocked to see me.....T.J. was befuddled when he saw the new, not so improved, me!
It was when Biff arrived home. after his flight across the country, that was my tipping point. He was shocked! "You look like the lady who sat across me on the plane!" He reminded me of my "happy hair" as we called it....I agreed. BUT it was one in the morning. Off to sleep. Every time I had to pass by a mirror I looked. It was like my evil twin!

This morning Biff and I laughed when I picked my head up off the pillow! I was the other woman! I called my hair salon.....and took my shower to try to wash it back!!! No chance. I had to wait until one thirty....and manage to steer clear of the mirrors!

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