Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Here we are. We've made it to the big day! We've made it to Election Day! Hooray! Sadly, I'm not thrilled because I have the right to vote....a true priviledge. I'm delighted to know that we will no longer have to watch these negative advertisements. It's like eating Cheetos. After a million...and one extra Cheeto....I'm just fine without having one for another year or more.

Same is true for these advertisements. The cutting down, dredging up and throwing out every little mistake, misjudgement and family drama makes me depressed. Really, our teens comment on these advertisements and the people who are running our country. It's hard enough for us, with voting priviledges, to see these people on radio, television and print ads for months at a time. It's kind of sad to have our kids see that these adults, who could be role models, are cheaters. liars and spouting polital speak.

Political speak is a little like teen talk. They may be great people who mean the best....they just leave out little details and lie by ommission. As a mom in the "mommy mafia." as our kids call it, we're on to them. Hopefully we think to ask the right questions. Thankfully, there are enough moms and dads around to keep asking.

Last weekend we had some of our favorite kids over. The plans were spontaneous. We knew that our kids wanted to have some fun on mischief night, the night before Halloween. I never even knew about "mischief night"....because either I was such a wonderful child or because Catholic School kids were left out of the loop. After all, the nuns were more concerned with the day after Halloween, All Souls Day....a Holy Day in the Catholic Church. Another sad tidbit....I really thought the day was to recover from our Halloween antics! Don't tell Sr. Maria Nicholas!

As parents, we're not troubled by mischief night with our kids. Their mischief is here in the neighborhood and innocent enough to have our neighbors still willing to hand out candy! That's how we know our kids will keep their "mischief" in line. Candy is a great motivator of behavior. We went out with our little mischief makers in training....while a friend taught them how to create mischief with boundaries. That little training has gone a long way.

Saturday night, one of the moms checked in with me before dropping off her sweet daughter! As we spoke about the get together, it came to our attention that she was lacking one piece of the puzzle....the mischief! We laughed. Her daughter is a good kid. A very good kid. Yet, she failed to mention one little thing. Her mom was o.k. with it....even though she went to Catholic School too!

The only problem that we had with mischief night....which lasted about one half hour....we're lacking bathroom tissue!

Grace and T.J. had the kids back to the house for popcorn and a scary movies. I loved having them. I love the kids being here. Biff and I enjoy our kids and really enjoy their friends. It's so nice to have them. It's nice to get to know all of them. That's all we ever wanted...having a house where everyone's welcome.

The good news...even though the space set up for Grace and T.J.'s friends was quite literally washed away by the flood in April.

Thankfully it works out....they can take over the family room and still have a great time. Thankfully.

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