Friday, December 3, 2010

Driving lessons...a very special afternoon with my "little girl" reminded me of so many other moments teaching, trusting, encouraging, laughing, calming and pushing this same spirit throughout her whole life thus far. Open and trusting, proud and timid, anxious and thrilled, eager and mature...yet still the same little spirited, spunky and curious baby I knew since she was inside me....Biff and I kidded that our baby to be was our little love muffin in I will treasure these days together. It's not often these days that little muffin feels the need to rely on me. In my life today, our teens aren't often interested in getting more instructions from parents. As Grace navigated the winding beach roads, I coached quietly and reviewed the teaching moments we've shared along the way. Please don't confuse this with watching my life pass before my eyes!

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