Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Who could be cuter than sweet little children all cozied up in their jammies.......and at Christmastime! Not in our house these days. The sweet little teens are just acknowledging that it's just not the same as it used to be at Christmas. We were talking about that tonight at dinner...
T.J. remembered some of his gifts of Christmas past. Grace thinks we should rent a good Christmas movie since they don't get toys and games that used to have is busy all day. This seems to be a year of adjustment ...teens with great spirit and energy...who are realizing the changes of growing up. We all go through these changes together.

How many friends have discussed the joy of buying the infamous Little Tykes kitchen or little red wagon? We feel it too. These sweet children are older now...they have no desire for the kitchen.... certainly there is proof when you see the difficulty they have emptying the dishwasher. The little red wagon or bright red bike is steering more towards saving for a car someday.

These changes take some time. We can't hold on to the past....although we treasure those shiny red fire engine, baby doll days. TODAY, we can laugh with our teenagers and talk .....about how it used to be and the new ideas we have for our family Christmas' to come....we do have new ideas....Biff and I feel the changes too. We have good ideas and surprises....and planned outings as experiences that we will have together. After all, that's what we remember. It's not the stuff that matters.

Besides, we still have our new Christmas Jammies!

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