Saturday, January 15, 2011


Grace was off to the city today with Biff's sister Cee. T.J. left with Biff yesterday for a Navy Lacrosse camp for the weekend.

I stayed home to be here for Grace this weekend.

After I walked the dogs through the snowdrifts in the woods, they leapt and bunny hopped and jumped and too....we were all exhausted.

After a cup of coffee and some quiet time to think....... of the many choices available to me, with a day all to my own....I decided to make a huge commitment. This may be hard to believe but I chose to stay home to clean and scrub and mop and scour and do laundry and vacuum.

Did you faint? Yup. It's still me. Just a cleaner, fluffier me. Oh sure, there were so many more glamorous choices out there today. So tempting!

But no. I had the house to myself. Different than any other day, I had no calls from school, no visits to the gym or the grocery store. No calls from friends to walk the dogs. No need to shop....we have too much stuff.

With that in mind, I had a dream...a flash of inspiration...a moment of truth....a badge of courage...I cleaned for 4 hours!

I am exhausted. Our house is back to liveable. Until we're all here again...then it will be moments...just moments and the kitchen table will have mail and the foyer will have backpacks, the bathrooms will run out of toilet paper, shoes strewn all over at the back door.

It will feel like home. I love our family even though we're not perfect. I love our family BECAUSE we're not perfect!

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Muffy Aldrich said...

You eating area looks just terrific! I love all that white paint with that pretty green chair.