Sunday, January 2, 2011


What a delight to be skiing in Vermont with our kids....dreams do come true. We had an early wake-up this morning. It was tricky business to roll our kids out of their toasty comforter covered nests.....but after our voices resonated in their dream filled peaceful and angelic sleeping selves, they were very motivated. Then we all hustled and bustled about, took good care of the animal farm, checked and double checked our packing profecionado potential with new gear, favorite accessories and technological devises times twelve, we scrambled out the door......after many stops and stalls and starts loving our dogs and cats.....we plopped our already exhausted bodies in the car.

We checked and double checked our outerwear, underwear and footwear for every possible potential mishap, slaphappy situation and serious sense of disarray...

We had checked times 4. We were ready to roll and living the boy scout motto,"Be Prepared."

Just after the car started, we put the car in gear and began rolling down the driveway, our half asleep daughter perked up and blurted out "So now can we talk about my birthday? It's after New Year's. You always say after New Year's!"

Yes. Soon. But could we get out of the driveway first? After all, her almost 16 year old burst of enthusiasm was heartwarming ....not much can stir enthusiasm that early in the morning.....or for our teens in general.....unless they're with beings other than family. Especially at the rev of the engine beginning any roadtrip!

Let us just have coffee first?

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