Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life's a Ditch

As I sat waiting for the AAA Towo Truck to arrive I realized the irony of my situation. There I was with 2 Golden Retrievers in the back seat of my car waiting for their walk at our local farm. Waiting for AAA, waiting for my friend to arrive with her English Springer Spaniel who had run off and couldn't be lured into the car, waiting for my phone to ring with Grace desperate to pick her up immediately followed by T.J. with his same request a different time.

The initial plan was to take the dogs to the beach where they could run off leash. When my friend's dog was lolligagging about the Connecticut countryside, we decided to delay our puppy playdate by 15 minutes. As I drove to the beach, after dropping my outgiing e-bay packages down at the mailbox for our letter carrier to collect, stamping some mail, hustling the dogs into the car, breathing a sigh of relief for getting all of the bumbling, fumbling treasures on their way, I began my drive ti the beach. My friend called. She was exhausted from her game of hide and seek/tag.

That was when we considered taking care of ourselves first by stopping for a quiet moment ar Starbucks...and then considering where to take the dogs for a shorter walk.

Then, ever the loyal dog owner, I suggested a shorter walk at the farm followed by a Starbucks moment. Agreed.

Moments later, I was at the farm taking in the peaceful surroundings. I paused to enjoy the snow covered hills and decided to venture out to the community garden via the dirt road covered with snow and some ice. There were tire tracks from earlier visitors so I barreled over the ice and snow to get up to our usual parking spot. I rolled right along until I couldn't roll any further. That's when I decided to click into reverse and back down the driveway to park. Sailing right along, I was surprised when the car slid off to the side into deeper snow and ice.


Stopped to surprise a birthday boy thatki we've known since our Boston living. Grace was just 6 months old when she began her friendship with baby Camden at baby swim class. Our families share so much of the joy in each others ' lives. We treasure the connection and family like fun......birthday celebrations, kid milestones, school events, summer living, skiing and we love and respect what we have together. So genuine. Truly caring for each others' family. Kids respect kids and grownups respect grown ups. All of the kids have fun relationships and respect t for the grownups. All of the grownups care and love all of the kids.

Lots of fun and a great visit!

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