Monday, January 17, 2011

Who Are You?

Boston. Kat and Grace met me in Anthropology, one of my favorite stores that inspires my creativity. A few years ago, I went into another Anthropology store with my twenty something, traditional, classic, conservative, ultra-prep niece.... as we looked around and I pointed out some beautiful bohemian, yet with classic lines and rich colors....that's when Claire said, "Who ARE you?"

All Claire has ever known is the prepster, classic, traditional, conservative, tailored aunt who loves happy colors. In Anthropology, she was baffled by me and my groovy side, the artsy me!

While checking many of the splendid colors, styles, textures in the creatively coordinated displays, I was awestruck by something that glistened on the table. I sipped my Starbucks venti coffee and took it all in....that's when I dropped my Starbucks venti coffee cup, the lid popped off and the Starbucks venti coffee was in a puddle at my feet! Kat and I giggled....and my Grace looked at me. Kat and I had that nervous laughter. Grace had a look of horror on her face! With her eyes, Grace shouted, "Who are you?"....just before she bee lined it to another area of the store!

Who am I? Still someone who mixes it up! Still creative. Still traditional. Still conservative with a twist. Still open to new things. Still trying new things. Still seeing beauty in everyday people, places and things in nature and art. Still me.

Do you mix it up and are you open to beauty outside of your box? "Who are you?" Do you know?

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