Thursday, February 3, 2011

10 Reasons Why I love to Blog

It's my own place to write. Which includes venting, observing, reminiscing, laughing at myself and the life I live

It allows me to be creative and learn new ways to be creative through writing, photography and computer

I love telling stories and this is a place to do it when no one else will listen!

I like making my kids crazy! They say that I'm too OLD to blog! That makes it more fun.

It makes me think about things that might otherwise go unnoticed!

Blogging is a connection to the outside world....even if no one is reading my's out there in thte universe as they say!

It makes for some very interesting conversation....or it can end a conversation in an instant!

Blogging has opened me up to all kinds of people who are passionate about their interests.

Sometimes, I see life differently because of my blog.....I take a photo because I think if I don't post this on my blog, it would seem that I made this up!

It's pretty cool that I have managed to do something for almost a year and a half.....rather religiously....unless technology has gotten in my way....or I have gotten in my own way!

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