Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Snow Day

Snow day called today due to icy conditions this morning and more snow and ice this afternoon....soooooooooo, I met a friend for early morning coffee in town. That was a treat to get out early on one of many snow days.

I spent a few quiet moments in the library......to catch my breath after hearing the total of our overdue fees....$123.93! Phew! There were some movies that had been returned and some books on tape.......remember "Simplify Your Life" Ahhhhh...the ironies of life.

Beach Day

Everyday is beautiful at the beach! After coffee, errands and the library, I went home to get the dogs and took them to the beach.....hoping that it would be quiet and I could let the dogs run hard for some real exercise. With snow up to their ears, it's hard for them to plow through the deep, fluffy, white blanket we used to call lawn.

Snow and Sand

Snow at the beach. When he#@ freezes over......give you ice in the winter.....life in New England!

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