Friday, February 18, 2011


Ever since Fitz came to live with us, she became one of the family. As with any other new adddition we all had to adapt and make room for our second Golden Retriever. An adorable Golden with a sweet baby face and a nose for mooching, thieving and loving. The loving is easy. Except for when she becomes desperate. A desperate needy girl is not a pretty sight. She, like all of us, loves to be loved. All of the time. Sure we do. Although she has tested us from the moment the other family left her with us and peeled out of the driveway, leaving only dust and their tire marks as they screeched into gear and hit the gas! No forwarding address. They may have gone into the Witness Protection Plan in order to start a new life, post-Fitz, anonymously. We'll never know but I think they may have changed their phone number just in case. Just in case......Fitz, her new name in our family, made a swift move the first night at our busy, yet peaceful, home. Not a good move as it was the dinner of the "master of the house"...Biff. I knew she had come to create havoc in our home on that our sweet, gentle Daisy barked to warn us and Biff shouted while running, sliding and tackling our new beast! Food. That's her issue! T.V.'s Oprah says she has food "issues".....but do her dogs? I think not. It's been a few years now...maybe 3? 4? It's all a blur. We all love her. We just can't trust her. In the last week, she has eaten 1. salad from the top of the garbage in the kichen 2. half a stick of butter from the kichen counter can before I could pivot back to her 3. she drank my morning coffee while I answered the phone across the room 4. She shredded one damp paper towel used to dry my hands after washing dishes 5. Don't tell T.J. but she licked the silverware in the dishwasher as I loaded it up.....and Biff wonders why my dishwashwer organization is so random! 6. Potato chip bag left behind in the car 7. My orange juice at coffee table height 8. Coffee grounds that spilled from the Starbucks bag. 9. Red hot cinnamon candy that spilled from car to driveway on Valentine's Day 10. A Revlon lipstick that was under the driver's seat of my car There's no accounting for taste. I still love her......and I still dream that I can change her. Lord knows, the others in the family are hoping too....certainly Daisy who has always gone by the rules. Well, the first winter, it was my Ugg boots. At least after all this time, it's just food. Oh! Did I mention the vet says that Fitz has allergies? To what? Dog food?

Case in Point!

Just in case you didn't get my point! Fitz and Starbucks - to - go. After all, she leads a busy life. Daisy isn't phased by another one of Fitz's score. Of course, I don't think Daisy cares for coffee. If it had been a pork chop, Daisy might have been right in there to catch the tidbits that would fly through the air as Fitz scarfed it down. Our sweet Daisy has caught on. Now she sticks close by to takes advantage of the situation.

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