Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stand By Me

Do you have a go-to bag? For as longo as I can remember, an L.L.Bean Canvas Bag or Boat Tote (monogrammed of course!) to carry me through my days, months and years. 

Like a good old friend, my canvas bag has been with me through the years. I actually have good memories of places my bag/s have carried me (metaphorically.)

L.L. Bean canvas totes through the years (please sing along with Willie Nelson if you feel compelled...that's the song in my head as I write!)

1. High School books

2. College weekends

3. Toting my shoes while wearing Tretorns for my walk. from the Upper East Side to Brooks everyone else in the 80's!

4. Using the large tote to carry my laundry while living in the city.

5. To the beach and visiting friends for weekends...getting out of the city.....

6. As a magazine "rack" at home

7. Mom gave the large tote to Biff and I, with our married monogram! Great gift, by the way.

8. Packing baby books and little toys for big road trips with Grace and T.J.

9. Grace and T.J. for there weekend totes, monogrammed of course!

10. E-Bay tools for biz

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