Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Everything I wrote vanished into cyberspace. I was on a roll. I even read it aloud to Biff before he trotted out the door. He called from the car to mention on random thing....***POOF*** is gone. GONE. And what caused the urgent call? Biff needed to ask me to pick up the mail from our overstuffed mailbox. Why was it overstuffed? you may ask. Because a snowplow knocked it over a few months ago. Well...not over. It was stuck in feet of snow. Stuck in a snowbank. UNTIL the snow melted. Then it fell to the ground. The mail was not delivered until the mailbox was standing again. Hence overstuffed. Thus, the phone call. insomuch as my blog writing was in progress, the blogpost was eliminated....somehow...somewhere. The end.

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