Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fitz By My Side

When everyone is out or Biff has business travel, I can always count on Daisy to be there by my side. Daisy has made it her place in the family to look after us all. That's quite a job...for someone who doesn't speak English as a first language.

It's Saturday. Grace is still wiped out from her fever, cough and headache. Since yesterday, T.J. and I have been feeling low with headache and cough. We're all feeling tired and rundown.

By my side....Fitz. She couldn't be closer unless she jumped up on my lap.And now you think...oh Fitz is a protector too. Nope. She's here because she's needy, apparently not getting enough attention while we're all a little under the weather.

Of course, T.J. believes we are a dysfunctional family because of Fitzy. Shhhh. He hasn't realized that we're just a plain old fashioned dysfunctional family...with or without animals. Isn't that the new normal. Isn't every family dysfunctional in one way or another? We all are! True dysfunction would be if we tried to pretend we weren't dysfunctional. It makes more fun when our kind of crazy can be tagged with a name! It's kind of comforting.

Couch Potato Au Gratin

Is that what we call it when the whole bunch of us are feeling low and couch-bound?

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