Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fitz For A Day

A friend was loving Daisy and Fitz. The dogs were out and about with me. We bumped into a friend. She said she wished she could take one home. She's in love with our dogs. They love her. My friend was missing her big old black lab. Kidding, I asked if she wanted to take Fitz for the day. Rental pup?

Yes! And Fitz was in the car, sniffing and licking up crumbs from Starbucks.

Ann said she would put her convertible top down for Fitz.
NO. She'll probably jump out.

Why are you tying her leash to the headrest?
You'll see.

Oh. She can sit in the front.
Not a good idea. She will want to sit on your lap.

I asked Ann how well her little dog would feel about Fitz.
Great she said.

I waved goodbye. I was sad to see Fitz so eager to go off with someone else. Sweet puppy had already lives with 3 families in her first year. We tease that we could give her to an unsuspecting person...who falls in love with her Teddy bear face and big brown eyes. Kind of like the bait and switch we experienced.

I skipped alongside Daisy back to the car!

Road Trip Fitz

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