Sunday, March 13, 2011


One of my greatest pleasures has been working outside in the yard...moving rocks, raking, planting, creating. Over the years we've created some beautiful, rambling stone paths with big stones and river pebbles. Peaceful and unstructured.

Though the giant rocks are in random spots, each one has been very special to us... and the other kids on our road. Our kids may be in high school now but they still wait for the rumbling school bus on the "school bus rock!" Another rock has hidden little playmates over the grammar school years, "The Spy Rock." Major undercover work and missions have been accomplished. The largest rock of all, "The Globe Rock," was originally an overwhelming climb but with a bucket of chalk and hours of chalking had the rock evolve into The Globe Rock!

Along the "natural" path created with flat, sturdy stepping stones there are lightly colored river pebbles. Years ago I sprinkled sparkling glass stones and clear glass marbles. Just for fun. Also for fun, I told all of the kids that they were magic! It's years later with many new neighbors and smaller children. They still wander along the path gathering and collecting and spilling and counting and sharing their newly acquired sparkly magic stones! Today the first little hunter and gatherer has appeared must be spring!

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