Friday, March 25, 2011


No coughing here. Well, at least Fitz has no cough and her breath is minty fresh.

It only took a moment. Fitzy ate them before I knew they were there.

I live like a presidential secret service agent.... constantly scanning and surveying the areas in which we walk. Groceries are at risk if left in the car. Dinners, snacks, drinks, coffee in to-go cups, candies are all up for grabs. I live on guard...always. Except for the times I think I'm today.

T.J. had to have a ride to a practise today. Daisy and Fitz were in the very back of the car. As T.J. got his gear out of the back of the car he asked,"Mom. What's the deal with Fitzy's leash?"

I couldn't begin to explain. I was just glad that T.J. didn't ask for a cough drop.

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