Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eco-friendly Easter Baskets

After all of our Easter Bunny visits over the years, I gave up buying new Easter baskets...I'm doing reduce/ re-use/recycle this year! Even the Easter Bunny brings too much STUFF! Easter baskets were from the family room...for organizing STUFF! How nice it will be to put them back where they know how organized we are....I hope I remember where they came from

Speaking of organization....I prepared the Easter baskets last week. I had bought all of the goodies except the coveted chocolate bunnies...hollow. I was waiting to find the family favorite. Waiting. I had to keep all of the goodies on a high shelf in the garage...unlike the old days...pre-Fitzy!

You know the rest of the bunnies. UNTIL this afternoon...CVS was open...everything Easter on sale!!! YES! We had just been rollerblading at the least we had some exercise before the chocolate bunnies!

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