Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eggs and Bunnies and Memories

Decorating Easter eggs is one of my favorite memories of Easter. We have had so much fun over the years. Even though Grace and T.J. are older now, we still have fun decorating the eggs. We like to get the  traditional Paas Egg Decorating kit and lose the stickers enclosed.  The whole family joins in and we come up with some crazy eggs....
Tie dye eggs...You could have guessed that!  
Monogrammed, using a crayon first so the dye won't take on the wax.
Polka dots
Rasta colors

No matter how crazy the eggs get, it's fun for us all to be together with a common goal. Creativity creates peace in our home. Everyone has style.

My mom loved to dye Easter eggs when she visited for Easter. I think of her whenever I see the Paas Easter Egg Kit. She loved it. Her preference was solid pastels. After they were colored, she got her bunnies in a row and put the eggs in all of her crystal candlesticks. Mom loved decorating for the Easter, I'm thinking pink candles.I'm happy that our memories are sweet.

Mom loved to come with Easter Baskets for the kids. She loved to watch them hunt for eggs and jellybeans She was delighted to see them dressed in their Easter finest. Going to church with them added a new dimension to prayer. Easter Baskets, eggs, bunnies and enthusiasm. That's how I think of mom at Easter.

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