Friday, April 15, 2011


Grace saw "Red" today while we were out and about. She took this photo and texted it to her older cousin, Claire.

Claire had the priviledge of driving "Red" for years..."Red" had been my mom's car for years. She called it her chariot. This little car travelled many miles on all kinds of adventures. Certainly much smaller and simpler than any of her past chariots, she adjusted to it easily as it became her trusted companion. Like any good companions, they took good care of each other.

I loved to see my mom drive up the driveway, greeted by Daisy, Grace and T.J. giving hugs and kisses while peeking in the windows to spot what surprises Gramma had in store for them! (Daisy too!)

It was fun for me and Biff when "Gramma" came to visit. We had lots of laughs and some sweet spoiling of our kids.....long chatty breakfasts with bakery surprises from home..... delightful dinners with a little extra dessert, newspapers and magazines catching us up on life's events... just family time. Easygoing family time. Comfortable for us all...more comfortable than with almost anyone else.

In "Red's" later years, mom wasn't able to get out while recuperating from a broken hip..not once, but twice. Mom slowed down...only physically...while her trusty companion found a new purpose. Claire, college bound, drove her Gramma's wheels off to college.......where "Gramma's car was dubbed "Red"....

It was a gift for Claire to have such a priviledge nestled upon her...knowing her gramma's love of adventure and roadtrips...and her nickname from Biff, "Wheels Gramma"... Claire drove Gramma's car and slowly, it became hers.

A gift in many ways. For my mom....Claire was driving "Gramma's car" and it was helping her first grandchild. Having Claire drive kept the car running well. A gift for us one had to say the dreaded words to our aging mom, "it's time to stop driving". Claire was borrowing her car until.....

Today I drove with Grace to Boston....Grace in the driver's eager student....the next generation. What a joy to give her the gift of confident driving....and for me, our time in the car together just as I had with my mom. "Red" was one of the family. Learning to drive is a big family right of passage. We've all had it instilled in us...driving is a priviledge and a chance for adventure!

Thanks to "Gramma wheels!"

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