Sunday, April 17, 2011

Life's A Beach!

This may not be down south and we may not be barefoot, in bathing suits but we're at the beach soaking up the delicious sunshine.

We had dreams. We had hoped for a vacation with a tad more southern exposure and warmer weather .... but we're here! Massachusetts. Spring vacation...visiting friends.
Biff headed home earlier so. T.J., Grace and I drove to the beach to take a good walk on one of our favorite beaches . Spectacular sunshine and sweeping white swirls across the sky, breakers crashing, sea glass, wishing stones, myriad dogs, families, friends all out walking fthe long stretch of beach.

We love visiting our friends! Its a gift to have time with good people and a change of scenery. This scenery is familiar to us. Each time we come back to the beach where we once walked our jogstroller babies, it takes me back in time.

We started our family here. We lived here. We found our way. We learned here how to be our best for our children. Here we learned to do what's best for our family. We created balance. We enjoyed and the power of gratefulness. We found that our ups and downs teach us lessons and give us strength. Priorities were defined and refined as we grew into ourselves. We lived each day to the fullest and as best we could. We found that we happiest when we keep it simple. Our kids are learning that here as well.

Keeping it simple is easiest at the beach. Life's. a beach!

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