Friday, April 22, 2011

Tug of War

Our dogs love a good tug of war after retrieving sticks from the water. Growling and gripping the sticks with their white teeth, they dance back and forth in the wet sand. I love to see them play.

There are plenty of "tug of wars" with Grace and T.J., who are growing up with feelings, opinions and new ideas of their own. Just as Biff and I do our best to teach and expose our kids to the world, our kids do their teenage "job" by challenging our opinions, ideas and boundaries...within reason. Some days there are more challenges than others!

This week was a very low key vacation. We enjoyed our time away. We were home in time for lacrosse practices and games. We had some time to relax at home. We were not off by plane to a faraway paradise, Disneyworld or foreign country.

We are blessed with many gifts. Our children are blessed to live a wonderful life with an abundance of love, family, friends and new experiences.

As anyone living day to day with teenagers knows, it is essential to have a sense of humor. To live with people who doubt my sense of style, facial expressions, timing,old school words and worries, choice of dogs, elocution, work and prioities...a sense of humor is not optional!

Ironic. While discussing vacations of "everyone else," each child had plenty to say. The following quotes really came out of the mouths of our from each child...please remember these words before reading:

1. Teenagers.
2. Irony.
3. Drama
4. Violin.

Quote #1. " you think we could go to Australia? I really want to go. Seriously, we've never been anywhere. Do you think it's possible? Really...please tell me because I'd like to think I could have some decent childhood memories "

2. How come everyone else can go to Disneyworld, like, every year... and I've NEVER been even once? Nevermind's too doesn't even matter now. My childhood's practically over anyway! I'll just have to take MY kids!"

For real. Really. Welcome to my world!

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