Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Bells!

Alarm bells. Wedding bells.I hope I wake up when the alarm goes off. When i announced the hour of my early morning wake-up plans, my children rolled their eyes. Although Grace said she would join me IF she could take the day off from school. Tempting as it may have been, I knew her heart wasn't in it and she was just using me and taking advantage of royalty. Nope. This early morning wedding is a solo invite...better for me. I wont be distracted!

Biff defended my temporary insanity as I pulled out my sparkly wedding headband for the occasion. After all, I should dress up just a little, don't you think? It wouldn't seem right to spend the day with royalty and not do something a bit special...I'll skip my wedding shoes. They're for our anniversary. I might try those sweet curlers during the guest arrivals. Ooh! My pearls! What's a wedding without pearls? I do have something white to wear with my, I mean headband! I loved our wedding could I be anything but enthusiastic for this couple? Sure, they have a few more tiaras and castles and butlers and ladies in waiting (mine are Daisy and Fitzy) and a horse drawn carriage....but I wish them only goodness and love and babies and fun and family and happiness together...deeply in love as best, best friends. We are blessed. I hope, at the end of their matter what their stress or chaos or life may be....I hope they laugh like we do!

Sorry. Wait. Tonight that's not happening for me and Biff. Sadly, we won't be laughing as we fade off to dreamland tonight. I'm sleeping on the couch. In the family room. He kissed me good night and walked upstairs....I've got to be here for the wedding warm-up at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m....then to a little royal coffee at 6! I hope I can sleep with all of the excitement!

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